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About Learners Reef

Learners Reef is an Educational Technology company which focuses on innovating new ways of learning, interaction and communication. We work with progressive schools around the world to improve teacher productivity and strengthen school-parent communication through the use of technology.

Reliable, timely and cost effective platform for communication between schools, students and parents

Intuitive, easy-to-use teachers’ aide in planning and coordination of class projects and homework

Keeps parents connected with their child’s learning schedule and school activities anytime anywhere

Personalize learning through adaptive analyses, real-time feedback and insight into learning gaps

Product Overview

Star School comprises three products: Star Teacher is a portal for school management and teachers to optimize students’ homework load and communicate with parents regarding homework and other school matters.

  • Instant notification of homework, absence, emergencies and other school matters on parents’ mobile phones

  • Holistic calendar view of total homework load for the class

  • Optimize students' homework load through time limit setting and alerts

  • Allow parents to clarify questions on homework and provide feedback on completion status and time

  • Real time tracking on homework completion status and analytics on relative student performance

Product Overview

Star Parent is a mobile app which simplifies parents’ lives by providing a holistic view of their children’s school activities all in one place – on their smartphones . Star Learner helps students keep track of homework assignments and projects.
  • Receive instant notification of homework assignments, school activities and announcements

  • Keep track of your children’s homework and school activities all in one place, anytime on-the-go

  • Send your child’s teacher a quick message to clarify questions on his/her homework

  • Receive timely reminders of upcoming tests and school activities so you can remind your child

  • Share and access learning resource with other parents on a secure channel

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Star School improve student learning outcome or parent engagement?

    OECD’s PISA survey established positive correlation between school-parent engagement and student & school performance in 19 OECD countries. By using push notifications to parents, Star School provides a timely and cost-effective way to communicate with parents, especially in the area of homework and learning updates. Schools can also use Star School to conduct polls/surveys or notify parents during school emergencies and track read receipt to ensure that all parents are notified while avoiding costly sms notifications.

  • How does your solution help when parents don't seem to care about their children's homework?

    Parents may seem uninterested for various reasons, but the biggest factor is the amount of effort needed to stay up to date. Star School makes it effortless for teachers and parents through automated homework updates sent to parents’ mobile phones. It ensures that parents know what is going on and puts them in a position to remind children to complete their homework.

  • Does this give more work to teachers as they now need to input each homework assignment into the system?

    It takes less than a minute to enter each homework notification (in fact, only about 20 seconds on average). Parents are notified of all new assignments and can help to ensure that their child completes them. The positive outcome from effective parental engagement eventually leads to greater productivity in teaching and learning.

  • Can the system show read receipt so teachers know which parents have or have not read the notification?

    Yes, read receipt is shown in the status column of each “View Homework” screen. Teachers know exactly which parents have or have not read each notification and which students have or have not completed each assignment.

  • Can teachers turn off “Comments” from parents when they become too much of a distraction?

    School administrators can enable or disable “Comments” from parents by setting a default “Comments ON” or “Comments OFF” and giving teachers the option to override the default setting for specific homework or projects.


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