Build Stronger School-Parent Relationship in 2016!

Learners Reef wishes all school management and staff a peaceful and blessed Christmas and New Year holiday!


As you embark on the new year, there may be a few areas that you wish for your school to do better, such as freeing up more time for teachers, building stronger parental support or raising more fund to support the school’s aspiration. We can support your school through our school-parent communication solution which features:

  1. Homework Management

Our solution helps teachers to easily coordinate homework assignments and instantly notify students and parents of upcoming homework or test reminders through the Student App and Parent App. This effectively replaces the need for a student diary.

  1. Announcements

Send announcements to all parents via the Parent App and track read receipt to ensure that all parents are notified, saving the school time and money.

  1. Polls and Surveys

Increase response rate of parents to school polls through simple click-through on the Parent App and have the results automatically tabulated.

  1. Fundraising

Garner instantaneous parental support for the school’s fundraising effort through our Parent App and get a real time tally of actual fund raised.

  1. Consent Forms

Send fuss free online consent forms and save time on administrative work.

  1. Attendance

Easily take student attendance and notify parents of any absence.

The functionalities are all integrated in one solution for schools’ use and it is up to the school to decide if you would like to use only some or all of the available features. Visit our website for more details including a brief product video. Email or call us anytime to schedule a demo!

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